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Drepung Upgrade Released

We’ve finally released our Drepung update! After many useful requests from users, we’ve added a variety of enhancements and new characters. Most of these are outlined in our earlier announcement. If you’re a registered user and purchased our Drepung font you should have received an email from us directly. Other users will need to request new login details or we can email the update to you directly.

Updates for our other Tibetan fonts, Tibetan New and Woodblock, will be available shortly.

Limbu Language Kit Update

Our Unicode Limbu language support has been updated to reflect its inclusion in Unicode. This update also includes support for Windows®, Microsoft® Word® (on the Mac) and Adobe® InDesign® (Mac and Windows versions). We're also working on some new fonts for Limbu. Additional information can be found on our Limbu page.

We recognize that the term ‘Limbu’ is not a native designation; a more common designation among native speakers is Yakthungba (for an individual or the language) and Kirati [Kiranti] or Sirijunga for the script. We continue to use the name ‘Limbu’ for our product because of its designation within Unicode as such and our previous version.

Lepcha Language Kit Update

Lepcha too has benefitted from its inclusion in Unicode. We have reworked our previous version to support Unicode 5.2 which has meant some changes in codepoints -- texts created with our pre-Unicode version must be rekeyed (contact us for additional information on converting large amounts of text). Unfortunately, a bug somewhere in the tables prevents this version from working properly with Microsoft® Word®, but native OS X applications and Adobe® InDesign® are supported.

There is as of yet no Windows support. Additional information can be found on our Lepcha page and our earlier announcement about Lepcha


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Drepung Upgrade Released
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