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OS X Dictionary Products

What does that mean?

With the release of Leopard, it's now possible to create dictionary files that work with the built-in Dictionary application of OS X. We’re taking that funcionality and creating dictionaries for a wide variety of languages and writing systems.

How do we decide which language to work with? Largely, this is about what's available. We always focus on lesser-known languages but creating the data for a dictionary is a time-consuming task. In some cases, we create our own content, compile existing data, or convert other formats. And for each of these, we first choose copyright-free items and then consider copyrighted items when we can arrange licensing agreements.

If you have a suggestion for a language, or more importantly, are the copyright holder of an existing dictionary, or even a list of words, please contact us. We would love to add as many dictionaries as possible.


Yes, we're also looking into spell-checking utilities. Currenty, we're testing several different language spell checkers under CocoAspell. So far this seems to provide the easiest mechanism for system-wide spell-checking capabilities. Have a comment or suggestion? Contact us.


October 13, 2013

What does that mean?