Cherokee Typeface Cherokee
Language Kit
$19 USD


XenoType Technologies was the first to provide Unicode support for the unique Native American script used to write the Cherokee language.

Cherokee Font Sample Text

We’re proud to offer this product with the hope that it will help preserve the Cherokee language. Most of the old Cherokee script newspapers and publications are only available in specialized research libraries which puts them outside the reach of the average Cherokee student. But there is a strong need to preserve this native heritage and Unicode is the best option for making these rare texts available to the community at large.

Our standard Cherokee font has been completely reworked and is still the best looking Cherokee font available. We’ve tried to stay as true as possible to the original type designs while still cleaning up some of its features and modernizing the overall look and feel. We think we’ve come up with the ideal combination of both worlds.

There are several other Cherokee fonts available from other vendors but ours is the first to use Unicode and to provide a realistic reproduction of the traditional Cherokee typeface. Several “modernized” Cherokee fonts are adequate for many uses but if you want a traditional look and feel for your Cherokee texts, this is your best option!

We will make the Cherokee Language Kit available free of charge to any person or organization working to preserve original Cherokee texts (contact us here to find out if you qualify).


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