Laotian (Lao) Typeface Laotian
Language Kit
$29 USD


We began supporting Laotian in the late 80s with a variety of fonts, followed by language kit products over the years. The current version of the Laotian Language Kit however marks the first Unicode Laotian solution for the Macintosh from XenoType Technologies.

Laotian Font Sample Text

Basic support for modern Lao is relatively simple, especially when compared to the older varieties of the script. We use some basic typographic features to display Laotian text properly and there are also a few graphic transpositions but this is all handled seamlessly by our Lao fonts.

Our initial font release also supports the use of the new standard Pali orthography in Lao script.

With an appropriate Unicode-compatible application, you can use our Lao language support to produce lots of different types of documents, including emails, web pages, standard text documents and lots more.

The Laotian Language Kit ships with one base font, illustrated above, and one keyboard driver which supports the Duanjan standard. Additional fonts will be available soon.


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