Language Kit
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We’re happy to announce our second African support product — the N'ko Language Kit to support the Manden language and related dialects of West Africa. The N'ko writing system is written from right-to-left and uses a total of 27 characters to record the vowels and consonants used in the Manden language, as well as 10 digits. There are also some special signs for nasalisation, tone marks and diacritics that can occur in every syllable. The N'ko Language Kit supports all possible sequences in the writing system.

N'ko Font Sample Text

The N'ko Language Kit also supports the special characters used for Arabic.

The N'ko script can be written in the Arabic fashion, with different forms of letters based on a characters position — initial, medial, final or isolated. However, N'ko is also frequently seen without the joining feature generally used and taught, i.e., characters within words can also be written in their isolated forms. The N'ko Language Kit from XenoType Technologies supports both options in compatible applications through the Typography menu of applications.

The N'ko Language Kit includes one intelligent font (based on a common typeface used in N'ko language learning materials), and a keyboard driver.


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