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Oriya Typeface Oriya
Language Kit

The Oriya Language Kit will be the next component in our suite of Indic support products. The older OS 8 version is being upgraded to Unicode at this time and we hope to make it available before long. We're looking for Oriya speakers and students to help test this, so if you're interested (and have access to a Macintosh with OS X), please email us.

Oriya Font Sample

The unique circular appearance of the Oriya script makes it difficult to discern its Brahmic roots but with a little bit of practice the similarities quickly become apparent. The Oriya script has all the traditional features of scripts like Devanagari: composite vowels, graphic transposition and conjunct consonants. Fortunately, our Unicode Oriya font handles all of these things for you.

With an appropriate Unicode-compatible application, you can use our Unicode Oriya support to produce lots of different types of documents, including emails, web pages, standard text documents and lots more.

The Oriya Language Kit from XenoType Technologies will include one font and several different keyboard layouts (including an ISCII style driver and a QWERTY phonetic driver).