Osmanya Typeface Osmanya
Language Kit
$19 USD


Osmanya, or Cismaanya, is an indigenous script from Somalia which at one time enjoyed national status. There are currently a variety of movements to popularize this script again within Somalia and it has been used for decorative purposes and private correspondence for decades.

Osmanya Font Sample Text

The script is quite efficient and requires no advanced typographic features to display it properly so a wider variety of applications are available to support this script.

The Osmanya Language Kit also marks the beginning of our new, cross-platform, language support products. Our Osmanya font now supports Windows XP and the Macintosh operating systems in a single font file so users on either platform can take advantage of the Unicode capabilities of either environment and compose Osmanya documents in a wider variety of applications.

The Osmanya Language Kit includes one font and a phonetic keyboard driver.

If you'd like to see the keyboard we've implemented, you can download the Osmanya Keyboard PDF file.


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