Saurashtra Typeface Saurashtra
Language Kit
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The Saurashtra script is used to write a minority language of the same name spoken predominantly in Tamil Nadu, India. While the language can be and often is written using Tamil letters, we believe its important to foster the continued use and development of the Saurashtra script.

Saurashtra Font Sample Text

Although it’s not immediately obvious, the Saurashtra script does share some basic characteristics with other Indic scripts. Visually, the script’s most notable feature is its extreme contrast between strokes. Our font has been built from the ground up and is based on the most popular Saurashtra type, preserving its unique features while normalizing its strokes.

Saurashtra is another script that has yet to be included in Unicode but we’ve decided to support it by using the Private Use Area of Unicode to create a viable computing solution now. Once Unicode adopts the script, it should be a simple matter to convert from the Private Use Area.

The Saurashtra Language Kit from XenoType Technologies will include one font and several different keyboard layouts including ISCII.


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