Tibetan Typeface Tibetan
Language Kit
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Introduced in December of 2002, Tibetan was the focus of our first publicly available Unicode-based product but we’ve been providing support for Tibetan since 1990 (prior to Unicode). The Tibetan script is used to write several languages including Ladakhi (in Northern India), Dzongkha (in the Kingdom of Bhutan) and Tibetan (in Tibet, India and the worldwide Tibetan community).

Tibetan Font Sample Text

The most complicated part of supporting the Tibetan script is the large number of stacks (also known as conjuncts or ligatures) that can occur, especially in Sanskrit texts, foreign words, etc. Our previous products always supported the standard native Tibetan set of stacks but font size limitations made it nearly impossible to provide adequate support for the hundreds of other stacks that come about in certain texts.

With Apple’s advanced typographic support and the jump to Unicode, this previous limitation has been lifted. The current version of our Tibetan Language Kit now provides support for nearly 900 unique compound stacks — more than any other available Unicode product.

We were the first to provide intelligent Unicode support for the Tibetan script and we’re still the only ones to offer comprehensive Unicode support on any computing environment.

Our Tibetan Language Kit also includes our own phonetic keyboard driver to simplify Tibetan text input as well as the Dzongkha standard keyboard (out of Bhutan) and another one used by the Tibetan Computer Resource Centre. Third party keyboards (such as Wylie) ate also available on the Internet.

An dbu-med font and a woodblock font as well as our new Drepung font are also available as separate add-ons.

dBu Med

dBu Med Tibetan Font Sample


Tibetan Woodblock Font Sample


Tibetan Drepung Font Sample


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