Ladakhi Unicode Sample

The Tibetan Language Kit for OS X can be used to create just about any type of text that uses the Tibetan script. Below are some sample phrases in the Ladakhi language taken from the book "Getting Started in Ladakhi" by Rebecca Norman.

This page is encoded as Unicode (utf-8) and requires a compatible browser like Opera and a properly encoded Tibetan font. If you don't own the Tibetan Language Kit for OS X and don't use a Macintosh, you can view a PDF version of this file.

འཇུ་​ལེ། Hello!
འི་​ཡུལ་​ལི་​མིང་​ལ་​ཅི་​ཟེར་​ར་​ནོག། What is the name of this village?
ཡུལ་​རྟིང་​མའ་​ཙམ་​ཞིག་​ཐག་​རིང་​ཡིན་​ནོག། How far to the next village?
འི་​ལམ་​བོ་​ག་​རུ་​ཆའ་​ནོག། Where does this road go?
ག་​རུ་​སྐྱོད་​དད། Where are you going?
ནམ་​ལོག་​སྟེ་​སྐྱོད་​དད། When will you come back?
རྟ་​ག་​ནས་​ཐོབ་​བད་​འགྲོ། Where can I get a horse?
འཐུང་​ཆུ་​ག་​ནས་​ཡོད། Where is there drinking water?
བཱས་​པོ་​ནམ་​བསླེབ་​བ་​ནོག། When will the bus come?
ལ་​དྭགས་​སི་​དཔེ་​ར་​ལོབས་​སྙིང་​རག། I want to learn Ladakhi.